I quit so called social media in January 2018. I felt the urge to focus on the wild, untamable, analogue reality instead of the virtual one. I’m in for smiles instead of likes, hugs instead of sad emoticons, vivid and respectful arguments instead of hateful posting battles. I prefer to read well researched articles about the complexity of our colourful, crazy world instead of being bombarded with monochrome slogans.

Plus I neither like the idea of paying those services with my data nor the fact that we all started monitoring each other instead of meeting each other.

So if you are interested in my music, feel free to subscribe to my blog to read about my musical activities. You can look up my concert dates here  or send me a message.

Hope to see you!

Have a good day. Make it a good one.

Author: Eloui

fear and do it anyway

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