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KREISKY TRAINED MY CATWent to see Kreisky playing Sibylle Berg’s „Viel gut essen“ at Rabenhof Theater for the second time and got a copy of Kreisky’s new album „Blitz“. My cats like it as much as I do.


I played together with Christoph Mateka at Heidrun Widmoser’s art exhibition opening. You can find more pics by Karl Grabherr here.

Working on acoustic versions of my songs with guitar player Markus Reiter. Focusing on the singing feels great and liberating. Markus is doing a fantastic job building a strong powerful base for my singing. Markus and I went to see the presentation of Philipp Quehenberger and Didi Kern’s new album „Linz“ at Rhiz. What a powerful duo. I got a signed copy of the album!

Rehearsing in the afternoon, going to a show at night. Perfect way to spend a Sunday with a band mate.


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