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16 March 2017
Tribute To Jason Molina

, Vienna


5 April 2017
Tribute To Kurt Cobain

, Vienna





4 March 2017
EMG Elternabend
Sir Tralala, Eloui & Ernesty
Kabarett Niedermair
, Vienna


14 Jan 2017
HEROES - A David Bowie*Prince Tribute Night
presented by EMG

Bell Etage, Bulbul, Die Buben im Pelz, Eloui, Ernesty, International, M185, oN., Pendler, Pop:sch, Rambo Rambo Rambo, SAEDI, Sir Tralala
, Wien



16 Nov 2016
Eloui (with Tiger Family)
Kim-Pop Spotting
, Graz


25 Oct 2016
(with Farewell Dear Ghost)
15 Jahre FM4 Soundpark,
, Dornbirn


21 Oct 2016
EMG Elternabend
with Bo Candy (solo)
Kabarett Niedermair, Vienna


1 Oct 2016

Waves Festival, Shop Window Concert, Währingerstraße 66, Vienna


29 Sep 2016

Waves Festival, Schuberttheater, Vienna


23 Sep 2016

Rock das Dach, Posthof, Linz


30 July 2016

Poolbar, Feldkirch


2 July 2016

Musikfest Waidhofen, Waidhofen


25 June 2016
FM4 Stage, Donauinselfest, Vienna


9 June 2016
(with Schnipo Schranke)
Alter Schlachthof, Wels


8 June 2016
(with Schnipo Schranke)
Roter Salon (Arge Salzburg), Salzburg


28 May 2016
(with Fijuka, Schmieds Puls, Schmusechor, Viech...)
C'est la Mü, Cselley Mühle, Oslip


15 May 2016

Linzfest, Linz


20 Feb 2016
(with Herz)
Stadtwerkstatt, Linz





15 Dec 2015
Eloui & Ernesty International

Acoustic show
Servant Jazz Quarters, London


14 Dec 2015
Eloui Album Release Concert

Radiokulturhaus, Wien


25 July 2015 - 6.30 pm
Eloui at Popfest Wien

Seebühne, Karlsplatz, Vienna

event on facebook


28 March 2015
EMG presents the album "Hey Translators" by Pendler

with Pendler and Eloui
Brut, Vienna


30 Jan 2015
EMG presents the album "Rooms From A Song" by v.a.
The Viennese bands Andriano De Daucocco, Ash My Love, Bell Etage, Benjamin Tomasi, Bon Bon Beast, Eloui, Ernesty International, Hotel Prestige, Morbidelli Brothers, PANDA PIRATE, Rika and Thalija share a rehearsal room in Simmering. Each band recorded a brand new song for the compilation "Rooms From A Song" and will present it together with a bunch of their other songs live at "Quellenfest" at Szene Wien.

Szene Wien, Vienna


2 Jan 2015
Eloui & Ernesty

Acoustic show
Binner Kulturtage
, Binn (Switzerland)



6 dec 2014
with BnT, Clara Luzia, Eloui, Members of M185,
Pendler and many more...
DJ Philipp L'Heritier
EMG Review 2014, Fluc, Vienna


19 Nov 2014
EMG Elternabend

With Dust Covered Carpet, Eloui & Ernesty
Kabarett Niedermair
, Vienna


19 July 2014
Eloui & Ernesty

With Ash My Love
Szene Wien, Vienna


14 June 2014
Eloui at Fest für den Runkdfunk
With Clara Luzia, Wolfgang Schlögl, 7/8erl in Ehren Karlsplatz and many more
Karlsplatz at the pond, Vienna


3 July 2014
EMG Elternabend zu Gast im ZOOM Kindermuseum
With Bulbul and Ernesty International
ZOOM Kindermuseum, Vienna


27 April 2014, 2.30 pm
Eloui & Ernesty International
hosted by Salon Ditta
Holzmühle Lauterbach Lauterbach 40 A-3970
Also playing: Thomas Jarmer & Julian Schneeberger (Garish)
Reading: Katharina Weisgram


15 April 2014
Eloui & Ernesty at photon gallery
Photon Gallery, Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna


14 April 2014
Eloui & Ernesty at Platoo Montag
hosted by Platoo
Scherbe, Graz


13 April 2014
Eloui & Ernesty at Café Augustin
Café Augustin, Vienna


5 April 2014
Eloui & Ernesty at Kurt Cobain Tribute
hosted by (VIENNAs FIRST) 90ies CLUB
at Weberknecht, Vienna



2013 (Eloui shows)

6 Dec: EMG Review 2013 at Fluc, Vienna
27 Sep: Eloui & Ernesty at Herbstlese, Wies
28 May: Postgarage (hosted by Platoo), Graz (+Fenster)
22 May: BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna
18 May: Swiss Contemporary Music Festival, Leuk (CH)
7 May: RadioKulturhaus, Vienna (+Diver)

2 Feb: Shhh-Festival, London (GB)

2012 (Eloui, Ernesty International, Brainmanagerz)

28 Nov: EMG Elternabend with Clara Luzia, Steve Mathewson, Ernesty and Eloui at Kabarett Niedermair, Vienna

3 Nov: Ernesty International, CD Presentation at Echoraum, Vienna

31 Oct: EMG-Revue with Mike Johnson as star guest plus EMG Roulette mit Wolfram Leitner (M185), Markus Reiter und Gregor Tischberger (The Maybe Men), Steve Mathewson (Brainmanagerz) und Ernst Tiefenthaler (Ernesty International, Bell Etage), at Rhiz, Vienna

FM4 Soundpark Tour: Eloui + Kommando Elefant + Gudrun Von Laxenburg
24 Oct at Rockhouse, Salzburg
25 Oct at Spielboden, Dornbirn
26 Oct at Weekender, Innsbruck
27 Oct at Parkhaus, Klagenfurt
28 Oct at Chelsea, Vienna

19 Oct: EMG presents"40 Lightyears Of Ziggy Stardust" at Rhiz, Vienna

5 Oct: Eloui at Waves Festival (Odeon), Vienna

4 Aug: Eloui at Poolbar, Feldkirch

26 July: Eloui at Popfest Wien (Wien Museum), Vienna
19 July: Ernesty International at WUK, Vienna

30 June: Eloui at Clara Blume's Singer Songwriter Circus at Dschungel Wien, Vienna
15 June: Ernesty International at Stadtwerkstatt, Linz
14 June: Ernesty International at Rhiz, Vienna
6 June: Ernesty & Eloui at Marea Alta, Vienna

30 May: EMG Revue at Shelter, Vienna
12. May: Eloui at Lendwirbel (hosted by Grrrls Night Out), Graz
12 May: Thalija at Lendwirbel, Graz
11 May: EMG Elternabend at Mike's Werkstatt
10 May: Thalija Album Presentation 'Thalija III' at Club U, Vienna

12 April: Ernesty & Eloui at Barprojekt, Graz

28 March: Eloui at Stadtwerkstatt, Linz (+Lonely Drifter Karen)
23 March: eloui at Café Publik Festspielhaus, St. Pölten (+ Sir Tralala)
20 March: eloui at FM4 Soundpark Studio 2 Session (+ M185)

24 Feb: eloui at Kulturhofkeller, Villach (+ Annakin)
22 Feb: eloui at Scherbe hostet by Platoo, Graz (+ Annakin)
17 Feb: eloui at Garage X (hosted by Jeunesse X), Vienna

31 Jan: eloui at Forum Stadtpark, Graz (+ Dear Reader)
18 Jan: eloui at Das Werk, Vienna (+Sir Tralala & The Golden Glanders)


15 Dec: eloui at Fluc, Vienna
1 Dec: eloui at Explosiv, Graz

30 Nov: eloui sings three songs at EMG's Labelnight at Shelter, Vienna
26 Nov: Ernesty & eloui at Mike's Werkstatt, Vienna

13 Oct: Thalija at MUSA, Vienna
5 Oct: eloui at Shelter, Vienna
1 Oct: Ernesty International at Magdalenabergkirche, Bad Schallerbach (hosted by

30 Sep: Ernesty & eloui at Herbstbar/Steirischer Herbst, Graz
16 Sep: Ernesty International, eloui & Molto Mosso at Shelter, Vienna
10 Sep: Thalija at Tenne, Wies

26 Aug: Molto Mosso & eloui at ORF Seebühne, Graz
8 Aug: eloui & Molto Mosso at Hoffest, Muregg

29 July: Ernesty & eloui at Gartenklang, TÜWI, Vienna
2 July: Ernesty International at Kino Ebensee (hosted by Paravent)
1 July: Ernesty & eloui at Elvis tribute concert at Shelter, Vienna (+ Jolly & the Hankerchiefs, Rewolfinger, Brosd Koal, Drunkheart,
Go! Go! Gorillo , Rambo Rambo Rambo, Bernhard Schnur)

30 June: Ernesty International at Chelsea, Vienna
11 June: Backing Vocals for M185, CD-Presentation at WUK, Vienna

14 May: Ernesty International at Badeschiff, Vienna (International Day Against Homophobia)

15 April: CD Presentation Ernesty International at Rhiz, Vienna

2 March: Fußfresser at Rhiz, Vienna
3 March: Extrakt (of Thalija) at MUSA, Vienna
15 March: THALIJA at Radiokulturhaus, Vienna

24 Feb: Ernesty International at Shelter, Vienna
18 Feb: Ernesty International at Jazz Coksma, Szeged (HU)

22 Jan: THALIJA at Fluc (Vienna)



18 Nov: Ernst Tiefenthaler & eloui at Immer gern (Berlin)

12 Nov: Ernst Tiefenthaler & eloui at Brut (Vienna)

14 Oct: Ernst Tiefenthaler & eloui at Paravent (Linz)
6 Oct: Ernesty International, Radiokulturhaus (Vienna)
4 Oct: Brainmanagerz, B72 (Vienna)
1 Oct: Ernesty International, Theater im Kürbis (Wies)
Oct to Dec: THALIJA at Maestro Theatre (Linz)
music for the play "Autobahn" by Neil LaBute, performed live 9 times

23 Sep: Brainmanagerz, Shelter, Vienna
4 Sep: Ernst Tiefenthaler & eloui at Roter Bogen (Vienna)

11 August: Ernesty International, BAWAG Contemporary (Vienna)

4 July: Ernst Tiefenthaler & eloui at Centralgarden (Vienna)

30 June: Ernesty International at Literaturhaus (Graz)
24 June: Ernesty International at Transporter (Vienna)
5 June: THALIJA at Central Kino (Linz),
music for the play "Autobahn" by Leil LaBute

21 May: Brainmanagerz at SOHO in Ottakring (Vienna)
20 May: Ernesty International at SOHO in Ottakring (Vienna)
8 May: Ernesty International at POPFEST (Vienna)

16 April: Ernesty International at Popkulturgemüsebeet Rhiz (Vienna)
10 April: Brainmanagerz at Fishmarket (Brighton, UK)
9 April: Brainmanagerz at Lamplighter (Brighton, UK)

30 March: THALIJA at Szene (Vienna) + RAINMACHINE
25 March: Brainmanagerz at Chelsea (Vienna) + M185
24 March: Fußfresser at Projectspace (Vienna)
20 March: THALIJA at Projectspace (Vienna)
13 March: THALIJA at Quellenfest (Vienna)
8 March: Ernst Tiefenthaler & eloui at PLATOO, Scherbe (Graz)

9 Jan: Brainmanagerz at Popkulturgemüsebeet, Rhiz (Vienna)



17 Dec: Ernesty International at Fluc Beisl (Vienna)
5 Dec: Fußfresser at Galery (Vienna)
2 Dec: Quellenchor at Fluc Wanne, Tribute to Depeche Mode (Vienna)

24 Oct: Frenk Lebel at Brunnenpassage, CD Presentation (Vienna) 
17 Oct: eloui sings along with Bell Etage at Kitzmantelfabrik (Vorchdorf)
6 Oct: Ernesty International at AKH (Vienna)

25 Sep: Hotel Prestige at Theater im Kürbis (Wies)
23 Sep: Frenk Lebel at BAWAG Contemporary (Vienna)
5 Sep: Thalija in der Tenne, Public Recording (Wies)
3 Sep: Ernesty International at B72 (Vienna)

29 Aug: Quellenchor with Bell Etage at Gürtel Nightwalk (Vienna)
28 Aug: MAURACHER at Clanx-Festival (Appenzell, CH)
20 Aug: eloui sings along with Hotel Prestige at ORF Hör- und Seebühne (Graz)
12 Aug: Fußfresser at BAWAG Contemporary

25 July: eloui as guest at Hotel Prestige at Groovecocktail-Festival (Greifenstein)
+  Fuzzman and many more
21 July: eloui with Ernst and Martin Tiefenthaler at Summerparty ZOOM (Vienna)
17 Juli: eloui as guest at Hotel Prestige at WUK (Vienna)
3 July: Quellenchor with Bell Etage at Fluc (Vienna)

27 June: Frenk Lebel at private Sommerparty (Vienna)
24 June: Quellenchor with Bell Etage at BAWAG Contemporary (Vienna)
20 June: The Brain Managerz at Quelle (Vienna)
18 June: Ernesty International at Chelsea (Vienna) +Morbidelli
3 June: Rupert's Jazz Construction at TÜWI (Vienna)
4 June: Frenk Lebel at Venster 99 (Vienna) + Hotel Prestige

30 May: Frenk Lebel at SOHO in Ottakring (Vienna)
26 May: Fuß Fresser at SOHO in Ottakring (Vienna) + Wegwerf Pizza
16 May: Götz Bury at SOHO in Ottakring (Vienna)
8 May: Rupert's Jazz Construction at Fluc (Vienna)
1 May: The Brain Managerz at Arbeiterkantine Fabrik (Berndorf)

30 April: eloui at Woodstock tribute "absolutely free" (Graz) + Molto Mosso and many more
9 April: Frenk Lebel at Chelsea (Vienna)
3 April: The Brain Managerz at Schloss (Goldegg)
2 April: Ernesty International at Rhiz (Vienna)

26 Mar: The Brain Managerz live at Steve's Studio (Vienna) + Mike Johnson
21 Mar: Thaija live at p.m.k. (Innsbruck)
20 Mar: Thalija live at Forum Stadtpark (Graz) + Bell Etage + 78plus
11 Mar: Thalija live at BAWAG Contemporary (Vienna)

12 Feb: The Brain Managerz live at Shelter (Vienna) + Agave 9 + M185
6 Feb: The Brain Managerz live at Irish Pub (Siena) + ITrucker

24 Jan: Thalija live at Gallery Magda Danysz (Paris) + Fabrics Interseason (fashion show)
7 Jan: The Brain Managerz live at BAWAG Contemporary (Vienna)



14  Dec: The Brain Managerz live at Nordic Pavilion (Vienna) + (((DIV)))
6 Dec: eloui sings along with M185 live at Quelle (Vienna) + MORD
6 Dec: Quellenchor live at Quelle (Vienna)

18 Nov: The Brain Managerz live at Fluc Beisl (Vienna) + May
7 Nov: The Brain Managerz live at Motorradwerkstatt (Vienna) + Nach Der Doktor Vornoff Strategie
4 Nov: With Hotel Prestige live aboard the "Famosa" (Vienna)

30 Oct: Thalija live at Fluc-Wanne (Vienna) + Bell Etage + 78plus
28 Oct: ImP-acT at Kabaret Niedermair (Vienna)
18 Oct: Fussfresser live at Grundsteingasse (Vienna)
15 Oct: Edi Luis and eloui live at Bad Hofgastein

26 Sep: Fussfresser (Stephen Mathewson and eloui) live at White Cube (Salzburg)
06 Sep: Thalija live at Volkshausfest (Graz) + Molto Mosso
05 Sep: Thalija live at Tenne (Wies) + Hotel Prestige

26 Jul: The Brain Managerz at Berg und Tal Festival (Berg im Drautal) + Fuckhead
16 Jul: Thalija live at Fluc-Wanne (Vienna)

28 Jun: Thalija live at Kino Ebensee (Ebensee)
05 Jun: Thalija live at Bruno Kreisky Park (Vienna)
04 Jun: Thalija live at Semperdepot (Vienna)
03 Jun: Thalija live at Parlament (Vienna)
02 Jun: Edi Luis and eloui live at birdland (Vienna)

22 May: The Brain Managerz live at SOHO in Ottakring (Vienna)
05 May: ImP-acT at OFF-Theater (Vienna)
16 May: ImP-acT at OFF-Theater (Vienna)
17 May: ImP-acT at OFF-Theater (Vienna)
12 May: Edi Luis and eloui  at Birdland (Vienna)

30 Apr: Thalija plays „Panzerkreuzer Potemkin" at Transporter (Vienna)
02 Apr: Thalija at Postgarage (Graz)

28 Mar: The Brain Managerz at Galerie Barbara Preyer (Vienna)
07 Mar: Thalija at Bonvicini-Klasse (Vienna)
01 Mar: Thalija at EKH (Vienna) + Bulbul + MORD

19 Feb: Quellenchor at Fluc (Vienna)

28 Jan: The Brain Managerz at Motorradwerkstadt, WUK (Vienna)
18 Jan: ImP-AcT at OFF Theater (Vienna)
19 Jan: ImP-AcT at OFF Theater (Vienna)



08 Dec: Thalija at Non Stop Kino (Graz)
07 Dec: Quellenchor at Quellenfest (Vienna)
06 Dec: Thalija at Galerie Meyer Kainer (Vienna)

28 Nov: Thalija at Künstlerhaus (Graz)
16 Nov: Thalija at Quelle (Vienna)

29 Oct: The Brain Managerz at Luftbad (Vienna)
17 Oct: The Brain Managerz at Fluc (Vienna)

25 Sep: The Brain Managerz at Medienkulturhaus (Wels)
22 Sep: Thalija at POPFAKES-Festival at Stadtwerkstatt (Linz)
15 Sep: Frenk Lebel & eloui at Bacherpark (Vienna)
12 Sep: The Brain Managerz at Camera club (Vienna)
02 Sep: The Brain Managerz at Volksstimmefest (Vienna)
01 Sep: M185 at Ragnarhof (Vienna)

28 Jul: The Brain Managerz at Beckenrand (Eibiswald)
13 Jul: ImP-AcT at OFF Theater (Vienna)
07 Jul: Dit Le Chat at Stadtbahn (Vienna)

08 Jun: The Brain Managerz at Szene (Vienna)

30 May: The Brain Managerz at Gogi's place (Vienna)
13 May: The Brain Managerz on a bridge (Kottingbrunn)
04 May: The Hangoverz on a boat on a river (Vienna)
04 May: Dit le chat at Sooß (Sooß)
03 May: The Brain Managerz at 7* (Vienna)

13 March: The Brain Managerz at Siebenstern (Vienna) + The Unknown Lovers

23 Feb: Dit Le Chat at Mölkerei (Mödling)
1 Feb: Thalija at Chelsea (Vienna)

26 Jan: The Brain Managerz at Motorradwerkstatt WUK (Vienna)
19 Jan: The Hangoverz live at Pool (Vienna) +IO


11 Dec: The Brain Managerz at Fluc (Vienna)
25 Nov: The Brain Managerz at Ragnarhof (Vienna)

18 Nov: Thalija at Stadtwerkstatt (Linz)
4 Nov: Thalija at Rabenhof (Vienna)

5 Aug: Stephen Mathewson, David Quigley and eloui live on the rocks at Kiefer Steinbruch (Grödig)